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Colzyx's discovery is much more than WOUNDCOM!



Colzyx´ project is the design, construction, development of new and innovative biological surface coatings of biomembranes, using innate host molecules with excellent wound healing and antimicrobial properties.

Colzyx is focusing on the development of wound dressings WOUNDCOM with parts of innate extracellular matrix molecules, using collagen VI and derived peptides – the so called Effector molecules.

Molecules used for coating as of today are all based on inorganic or small molecules. In contrast, Colzyx WOUNDCOM project is utilizing bioactive parts of a biological host-defense protein as Effector (human collagen VI) that has evolved to initiate, stimulate and control normal physiological wound healing processes.

In addition, Colzyx Effector has also broad spectrum antimicrobial effects, against normal and multidrug resistant bacteria. Colzyx´ Effectors are derived from human collagen VI and exhibit a naturally evolved biological activity as compared to inorganic or small molecules. In addition, due to its human origin Colzyx´ Effector is anticipated to have excellent safety and toxicology profiles.


Colzyx´ Effector is designed to

  • Prevent persistent wound infections and subsequent biofilm formation
  • Remove existing biofilm and render bacteria susceptible to antimicrobial treatment
  • Mediate antimicrobial effect, including multi resistant bacteria
  • Adjust the level of inflammation
  • Mediate wound healing effect
  • Reduce pain

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